What People Are Saying...

“They were actively encouraged to consider the law in a way that they had not done before - in terms of its relevance to themselves. It forced them to consider rights, responsibilities and consequences in all elements of the modules” TY Co-ordinator - Wexford

“Even though I never thought I had an interest in law my eyes and mind have opened up to the possibility of law as a career choice” TY Student Limerick

“It was so much fun as I have no knowledge of law. I particularly liked the case studies, information on the civil and criminal courts and the realistic information on the life of someone working as a Solicitor or Barrister” TY Student Kilkenny

“It gives students a comprehensive and in depth look into the various aspects of the legal profession in Ireland. It gives the students an insight into how the legal system works from the perspective of the people who work in it. Students study the function of the courts, solicitors, barrister, the Garda Siochana, the prison system, criminal and civil system. It looks at the dangers of social networking and the privacy issues that arise from social media activity in their own everyday lives. This is particularly beneficial to any student who maybe thinking of pursuing a career in Law after school” 

TY Coordinator Tipperary